Agriturismi: San Martino, San Costanzo

Welcome in San Martino Farm

The San Martino Agriturismo is situated at the heart of the ROBERTI family’s organic farm which covers an area of about 50 hectares in which there is a game fishing lake, a wooded area with ancient oak and chestnut trees, olive trees and a typical Mediterranean scrub – an enchanted place, peaceful, quiet and very close to sea.

” Our aim is to ensure you an unforgettable time in a place where you’ll feel welcome, happy and relaxed”.

Choosing to stay here is a way to spend a holiday or a week-end in the country, surrounded by the beauties of nature, where birds sing, where church bells from the surrounding villages can be heard chiming out the passing hours of the day, and where you can go for long, pleasant walks on unsurfaced paths, perhaps rather dusty in the summer, and enjoy the fiery sunsets, and gaze upon the glittering stars in the sky.